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Cedarvalley Farm Equipment Repair Service

Equipment Repair Workshop

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* Snow Blades
* Salter trucks
* Silage Baggers
* Tree harvesting
* Tillage equipment
* Vacuum pump systems
* Pressure washer service
* Excavating and Construction


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Quality Repairs at Affordable Prices

Welding and Manufacturing 

Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology to ensure the highest quality repairs. With ample space and a convenient location, we make it easy for you to bring in your equipment for service.
We have a well stocked steel inventory and sheet metal.
We have a 4' x 8'  cnc plasma for all your custom design and parts needs.

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Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs 

At Cedarvalley, we provide  hydraulic cylinder repair and manufacturing services for all types of  hydraulics systems. 

Whether you’re working with tractors or loaders, forestry equipment, construction and excavating , or industrial shop equipment, we can help. 

We stock an extensive inventory of seals and can source specialty seals overnight.

We team with a local machinist for precise  and quality machining and products.


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Farm Supplies/ Lubricants/Parts

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 for all your parts and accessories needs

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Express Hose Counter
We make hoses while you wait !!

Enjoy a free Coffee while you wait
We will have your hose ready a.s.a.p. and you out the door 


See our large selection of comfort safety footwear 
Our Grisport Brand is made in Italy and may well be the lightest and most comfortable foot wear you own..

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ilgi Tillage

The ILGI Aragon Carted Disc Tiller is a multi-purpose tillage tool, capable of tasks from light soil tillage and stubble preparation, through to complete primary cultivation. The Aragon’s rugged design and large range of sizes, provide machines suitable for tractors from 95hp through to 250hp.

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Pressure washer

We are an EASYKLEEN Dealer with new models in stock
We service and repair Easykleen models as well as other models 
and keep a wide variety of parts and accessories in stock.

Also ask about our CDI soap

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